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How We Are Controlling Mosquitoes


Shepherd Park is using community involvement to reduce the Asian tiger mosquito population. Our effort is based on similar programs in recent years in Sligo Park Hills and University Park, both in nearby Maryland.

We are acting by (1) reducing breeding sites, (2) using GAT mosquito traps from Biogents USA, and (3) encouraging our neighbors to do these things.

Reducing breeding sites.   

Asian tiger mosquitoes breed in small pockets of standing water. In urban settings, they breed in things like clogged gutters, birdbaths, kiddie pools and toys, planter saucers, and downspout extenders (most have ribbed tubing and water collects in the ribbing). Accordingly, you should clean your gutters regularly, empty all items that contain water, and, for items that can't be emptied, such as birdbaths or rain barrels, add mosquito dunks, which can be obtained at any hardware store and contain deactivated Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTi), a naturally occurring bacterium that kills mosquito larvae, but is not toxic to most other life.  For downspout extenders, you should put screening material (such as pantyhose or fiberglass window screen material) over the end so that the mosquitoes cannot enter the extenders. 

GAT traps.  The GAT mosquito trap is a simple trap developed by Biogents USA. It does not require electricity or carbon dioxide. You only need to add water, mosquito dunks, and a few blades of grass. Female Asian tiger mosquitoes are attracted to the traps and get caught inside. You can order traps or read more about them at Shepherd Park residents can get a discount on trap purchases.